Tuesday, January 26, 2010

You Said I'd Do WHAT?????

Well, well, well......it seems that when Smiling Jack is not peddling his wares, he's volunteering me for things 'cause "My mom doesn't have a job". Damn straight his mom doesn't have a job. Which is why she's (at least for now....heh, heh....) on the Board of the PTA, is the room mother, is organizing the school golf tournament, is putting together the classroom silent auction basket and not only threw the "winter" (NOT Christmas) party but is doing the Valentine's party as well. It is also why she spends time volunteering at the country club, which is a worthy cause if ever there was one. Oh, and "Hats for Hobos"? You think that runs itself?? Criminy, child. So NO. I am NOT going with the 4th grade class cross country skiing in February. Abso-freakin'-lutely, uncategorically not going to happen. I would rather be boiled alive than go cross country skiing. Then throw in the fact that you're with 50 ten-year olds? Add a new circle of hell to the inferno. It's a good thing I am married to a kind and patient man who WILL be volunteering for the ski trip whether he likes it or not.  Sorry, Dave. It's that or be prepared to dress up as Cupid for the Valentine's party. Paybacks are hell.

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  1. I hear you sister.... I am employed full time but also make time for my sons activities. One year I "volunteered" to ride the bus(ride the WHAT?) with them to the zoo and another to view astrological bodies with a whole cluster of squirming 10 year olds... have you noticed that 10 year old girls shriek on a regular basis??? This year while I work full time, I am on the football boosters, I am president of the Lacrosse boosters (I think I got up and peed during a meeting)and I am getting my masters. Seriously who does this?

    Good luck and I have my fingers crossed that Dave takes one for the team.