Friday, January 15, 2010

Hair Day's hair day. And not a minute too soon 'cause the gray was starting to show. We can't have anybody realizing that I'm a woman of a certain age! I wonder what happened to women back in the days before hair dye. They probably went into hiding. Or wore bags on their heads. Hey wait.......hats used to be really popular!!!! BINGO. A lady was never seen without a hat because her hair was a freakin' gray abomination! I'd rather walk around with a live beaver on my head than go out with gray hair. Actually, that might be convenient as if it was a trained beaver, it could slap me on the back of the head with it's tail when I said something stupid. Slap. Ouch. Slap. Ouch. Slap. OUCH.

(c) 2010
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