Friday, January 15, 2010

Sassy and Silver

Holy SHITSTORM, Batman! I seem to have done it again. I truly did not mean to offend anyone with the gray hair thing. Generally I don't care if I offend people but a couple of these gals have my respect as they are smart, way cool women. Here's my deal. I don't like the way I look with gray hair. Maybe it's self-loathing, maybe it's lack of self-confidence or maybe it's simply that I really like the way I look better with blonde hair. I've got a little going on between my ears and I don't think my looks are the only weapon in my arsenal. I do think part of it is how you were raised. My mom (who is a very smart woman and as much as I lampoon her in this space led an excellent example) was also prematurely gray and so I grew up seeing her color her hair. I think it's fantastic when people are comfortable with who they are. Color or don't color. I think it's what's inside that shows through no matter. Everyone has different motivations for the way they present themselves to the world. Who knows why some feel great being natural beauties and others feel better with a visit to the salon every now and again. If we were all to let nature completely take it's course, we'd have hair down to our asses and two teeth, so even those amongst us that prefer to stay gray do make some concessions. Let's all hold hands and sing a song now, shall we? I love you silver foxes! Rock on!

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