Saturday, January 2, 2010

Think Pink

I am a person that for some reason gets off on doing exactly the opposite of what she's supposed to do. I think meeting expectations is pretty lame unless it's in regards to parenting, wherein I would like to think I at least attempt to go above and beyond as Jack is the one thing I would really like to not fuck up if at all possible. Perhaps this attitude is why I think my taste in wine is so funny and frankly ironic. I'm not supposed to like cheap wine. I'm supposed to be able to discuss legs and tannins and acidity and depth. Well, I can't. And a vertical tasting to me means I'm drinkin' while upright. Not that I haven't been known to drink horizontally as well, 'cause I have. Nothin' wrong with a good old fashioned horizontal wine tasting if you ask me. I actually really like that my Sutter Home White Zinfandel consumption is shocking both in volume and in complete and utter bad taste. The reaction amuses me. "She drinks WHAT?!???" Ha. I didn't mean to be a consumer of trailer trash jug wine. Truly I didn't. As has been established, I was not raised in a barn. I like to think that my aesthetics in most things are actually somewhat refined. I'm an interior designer for Christ's sake. I must have good taste! Well, I've seen some rather jarring examples of how very often that is not the case but trust me. I know what I'm doing. At least I think I do. Uh-oh. Anyway, I like good food and good liquor and think I have a healthy respect for and knowledge of the cultural arts. I was in college for nine years (I have two degrees, so don't jump to conclusions although some of those conclusions are perfectly legit.....Toga! Toga!) so I like to think I know a little about a lot. I think I'm a reasonably well-spoken chick and I can hold my own in most discussions or at least bullshit my way out of them. I can only conclude that the more appalling my penchant for the Zin became to those who are of the judging ilk, the more I embraced it. And now it's just too late as I'd look like the kind of poser I can't stand if all of a sudden I rolled up drinking the good stuff. I don't mind people who come by their love of wine honestly. That's cool. I just don't like people who are snobs about ANYTHING, wine included. Be passionate about it! Just don't think it makes you better than others 'cause honestly, that's fairly insufferable. If that's all you've got in your bag o' tricks to feel good about yourself, I salute you with my cheap-ass wine in a big ol' Waterford glass. Again with the irony. Cheers!


  1. HEY!. White Zinfindel in a jug is trailer trash wine?? In these here parts, they are runnin' moonshine!! HAHAHA

  2. Totally agree!! And like if it's inexpensive it must be crap and if it's expensive it must be wonderful stuff. Total bullshit. If you're in Spain or Italy, man you can get the greatest of stuff practically just off the vine for VERY little for a HUGE bottle... stuff that makes you go awwwww, and it hasn't anything like a 'known' lable. I've had real and very bloody expensive Champagne that just doesn't do it for me and then some three for 10 bucks stuff from the supermarket that is just divine. It must be nice to be able to properly differentiate the 'good' from the 'bad', really KNOW your wines, and those folks that do, hats off to them. But for me, if it tastes good, it IS good, I don't care if it's tuppence a barrel. And I can't stand folks that act like they know the difference - although it's a great game catching them out! hahahaha 'oh lovely bouquet this one has'... yeah right.