Monday, January 18, 2010

Yay, MLK!

Hey, guess what??? I actually have a "Deep Thought"! It's my second one in like 200 entries! Sweet! And here it is! MLK was one cool-ass mutha scratcha. I think those of us that aren't really old enough to understand what went on with the civil rights movement owe it to ourselves to become more educated. I just finished reading a book called, "The Help". Yes, I actually read things other than People Magazine. It's about Jackson, Mississippi in the early 60's. It's from the perspective of three women, one of whom was a gentrified but cool white woman and two black maids. You cannot believe the shit that went on. Granted it's a work of fiction but I believe it's a good indicator of the attitudes that prevailed back then. Not allowing your maid to use the same toilet because "colored" people had different germs? Are you fucking kidding me? Some of this shit is so ingrained that I'm sure it's still going on. I'm not laboring under the impression that racism is dead. And I'm not so ignorant as to even attempt that argument. Hopefully we're making progress though. Maybe one day we'll all figure out that people are people. Assholes are assholes, cool people are cool people. Doesn't matter what color your freakin' skin is. Anyway, go get "The Help". It's an excellent, if somewhat disturbing read and gave me food for thought in a rather timely fashion. Rock on, MLK.......enjoy your day. Oh're dead. Nevermind. We'll enjoy your day.

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