Thursday, January 28, 2010


Oh, here's a good one.......Jack has decided that he is starting a "swear jar". For ME. I honestly don't think he gives a rip if I swear, I think it's all part of his hustle. As has been established he's quite the little business man. "He's not a businessman, he's a BUSINESS, man!". And quite the Little Lebowski Urban Achiever. Oh, I'm onto him. He's got a mouth like a truck driver. While I'm not a proponent of childhood profanity, I would rather have him say "shit" when he thinks I'm not looking than say "ain't" or "I don't got none" which would cause me to smack the white off of him. You can actually get away with a great deal of profanity if you are otherwise well spoken. It just makes you seem rather colorful and irreverent. At least that's what I'm telling myself. Anyway, my point is that he is once again trying to shake me down for money. He saw an opportunity to make a buck and ran with it. First of all, he tried to begin fining me before I even knew that the program had been instated. NOT FAIR. I was on the phone. Swearing. You can't do that. His dad set him straight there, thankfully. That's like taxation without representation. I remember something about that from School House Rock. His next move was to give me a list of swear words. HIS list. Again, NOT FAIR. If you can say it on TV, it is NOT a swear word. I am not putting money in a jar for saying "ass" or "crap". Sorry. Not gonna happen. And as I've heard him say "shit" I'm not going for that either. Pretty much the only thing I'll cop to is the F-bomb. I probably shouldn't say it. I actually wasn't aware that I was saying it in his presence as even I know that that's not cool. So he does have a (misguided) point there. I'll tell you what though......because I am onto him, I will be goddamned if I am going to utter anything fineable in his presence. That swear jar is empty and it will remain so. Good thing he's not a reader of Deep Thoughts. Shit. 

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  1. 'smack the white off him!'.... wahahahahaha, that's brilliant. Never heard that before :))