Monday, January 11, 2010


Okay, this little "blog" thing has gotten a bit crazy. I am more than a little shocked with what's happened with it. It's now had over 11,000 page views since early November. As I've said before, I'm surprised and a little humbled that anybody has any interest in reading about the crazy shit that happens to me and the stuff that goes through my mind. But I think it's way, way cool and I thank you for reading it and sharing it and passing it on. Not all that long ago, as a new writer, having that many people read something you wrote in such a short a period of time would be unthinkable. Brave New World and all that.  Word up, Al Gore. Your inventing the internet has proved instrumental in my literary pursuits. So anyway, to that end, I probably have to change the name of this thing at some point. Don't wanna piss off Jack Handy. And also probably shouldn't be using my real name. I'll probably have a molotov cocktail lobbed through my window by an army of mom jean wearing women in a procession of mini-vans. So, my awesomely awesome Deep Thoughts Readers.......any ideas for a new name? Inane Shit Spewed From a Bored Housewife? Not. I'm comin' up blank. 


  1. How about 'the gospel according to..'? :)

  2. "Cerebral rants for introverts and their alter egos" Not that you're an introvert; the alter ego part kinda balances it out, kinda, well maybe.