Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Mrs. Christie is Dave's Mom

Actually that's not true. Her name isn't Mrs. Christie but that's completely irrelevant. A recent debate amongst the DTP (that would be the 'Deep Thoughts Posse'......"you down with DTP? Yeah, you know me.....") was whether or not  children should refer to adults (those in the teaching profession notably excepted) as "Mr." and "Mrs.". My opinion is that that's a somewhat outdated custom, harking back to the days when children were to be seen and not heard, blah, blah, blah. I would far prefer that children, my own included, show respect through actions rather than by referring to me as "Mrs. Christie". Hell, NOBODY calls me Mrs. Christie. It's kind of like being called "ma'am", which makes me cringe. Old ladies are "ma'am's" not sweet young things like myself (okay and yes, even I'm choking now.....Heimlich, please....). As much as I may not be a fan of babies, I really, REALLY like kids. I like talking to them. They're people. Really cool people 'cause they haven't been beaten down by the world yet. Too many people talk to children like they're morons. When I'm talking to a kid, I really try to listen to what they're saying. It's not always easy 'cause they can go off on tangents. Hmmmm.....this may be why we get along. Nevertheless, I want them to respect me because I've earned it by being a good-hearted human being and not because they 'have to' 'cause I'm an adult. Truth be told, I'm not really much of an adult. I just look like one. A sheep in wolves clothing, if you will. That being said, I am all for the personal choices people make in raising their children. So, while each to his own, I prefer to stick with being called "Mollie". Oh, and don't be shocked if my child calls you by your first name. Feel free to roundly chastise and humiliate him if you are offended. I'll stick with concentrating on "please" and "thank you", which I think are considerably more important pleasantries.

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  1. Shock horror, I went one step further and actually taught my son to be a critical thinker. Not one of these suburban sheep whose parents tell them what to think and feel but an actual functioning human being.

    When he asked me questions as I child I would say "what do you think" and solicit his answer before we debated a little on what I thought.

    I have been sarcastic and funny with him his whole life and when I have friends over... he is invited to the conversation or debate.

    My friends love talking to him, he is well respected by my adult contemporaries and his recent one was "mom, why don't girls understand when I am being sarcastic?"... because honey their mommies aren't as cool as me.

    I don't want to be known as Ms. Campbell - I am Jac or Jackie to anyone of any age and I don't respect parents that don't respect my right to choose my title with anyone.

    As for the pleases and thank you's, I couldn't agree more and what about the morons who look at you funny when you say "excuse me" when you want to get by them.