Thursday, January 28, 2010

Mom Poms

Sorry but I'm still on this "Man Pom" thing. It really pisses me off. I think in spite of the fact that I do not have a child at Columbine, my friends and I should start a little thing called "Mom Poms" in a show of solidarity. 'Cause honey, you have not even scratched the surface of offensive until you see what WE can come up with. We've all got 20+ years on these boys. We've been honing our game all of this time. Be very afraid. The International Naughty Mommy Brigade can bring it. Ahhhh, the possibilities.......but I digress. I think the reason this pisses me off so much is that it sends a message to these kids that you must conform and live life quietly in a beige box so as to avoid offending people. Don't take risks. Be safe. Don't make waves. I call complete and total bullshit. Granted, I seem to make waves on a daily basis so I guess I may be a bit biased towards pot-stirring. For those just joining in on the fun, I recently got into some trouble for making fun of PTA moms in "mom jeans" amongst other things. Oh, and I'm on the BOARD of the PTA. Sorry. Mom jeans cry out for ridicule. Someone took offense and decided that the opinions I throw out into the world on my blog needed to be reported to the principal. The principal couldn't really do anything because....uh......THIS IS MY BLOG?! Little thing called the First Amendment? The end result was that I am not subjecting myself to that bullshit scrutiny and someone else can do my freakin' job next year. Solves THAT problem. So I understand being on the receiving end of self-righteous cowards that hide behind their so-called principles. can see me coming a mile away. Who I am and what I'm about will become pretty apparent within a couple of minutes of meeting me. If you don't like me, you are not required to remain in my orbit. And last I checked, my blog was not required reading. The bottom line is that I really cannot imagine going through life being so offended by everything. Life is so much more tolerable when you can find the humor in things. So, if you don't like me and my (much) younger brethren the Man Poms do us all a favor and simply steer clear. Your other option is to pull the stick out of your ass. If you do not, and choose to stay, I shall pull it out for you and beat you with it.  Oh, and PS.....yes, I know what a paragraph is. It just interrupts the flow of my consciousness, man. Oh and PPS? If you're on facebook, do me a favor and become a "fan" of Deep Thoughts From Mollie Christie. That'd be cool. Yo.

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