Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I Wasn't Watching PBS Last Night.........

Okay, I hate to admit this but I have watched The Bachelor the last two Monday nights in a row. Look......it's January. We've all pulled the party bus into the station and are trying to be mellow during the week. For me, this generally involves making dinner and then watching some tube. Problem is, THERE IS NOTHING ON. So enter this insipid offering. First of all, where did they find this guy??? He apparently was previously given the heave-ho by "The Bachelorette". Oh, and he cried about it. He cried about being dumped on that show and he was crying about it again during the intro to this show. He was crying about EVERYTHING. Jesus. What a pussy. Oh, and he was talking about how he has a hard time getting second dates. Ya THINK? Now THERE'S something you look for when selecting someone that's supposed to set 25 hearts a flutter. Admittedly, the guy is good looking. Great bod, good job. GIGANTIC RED FLAG. He can get a woman to go out with him. ONCE. Doesn't matter how good looking you are. If you are a drip, it's not going anywhere. So, you've got this guy who's about to go off on crying jag if somebody looks at him cross-eyed. Don't get me wrong. I'm all for sensitive men. There's a fine line though. This dude needs to pull himself together. "A coconut just fell out of the tree.....waaaaaahhhhhh......the poor coconut......I loved it sooooooo much".

THEN there are the "ladies" that were selected to be on the show. Uhhh......did they find them at the mall? 'Cause I have not witnessed a sorrier bunch of bimbos outside of......wait a second......I've never witnessed a sorrier bunch of bimbos outside of ANYWHERE. Although even ditzy, vacant broads with a big rack don't have problems attracting men, which leads you to the only logical conclusion which is that they are hoping to be "discovered". Well, I discovered you were an idiot pretty much immediately after you sashayed out of the limo to meet the "Bachelor". And that goes for the rest of your sorry lot as well. God. It made me embarrassed to be a woman. We're only two shows into the season and we've already had one girl kicked off for having an "inappropriate relationship" with a camera-man. This sent Bachelor Boy into a bit of a tailspin. Naturally. But you know, he probably will find his true love. He told me so. He can "feel" it. 'Cause you know, that's how you usually fall in love. With a bunch of freakin' cameras following you around. Oh, and it's totally creepy watching them make out. God. Who wants to see that? Apparently it didn't bother me enough to turn it off.

Alright.....am going to go read a Gloria Steinem book or something to make me feel empowered. Shit. Any book would do. Curious George would make me feel like a brighter bulb than that pack of inbred halfwits. Will report back on what happens next week.


  1. I WHOLE HEARTEDLY AGREE with you!!! Who would wear a strapless dress up in an airplane for God sake! Yes, this is extremely pathetic.