Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I know you're all sick and tired of hearing about the PTA but as I had not one but two meetings this week, it's on my mind. We only had three non-board members at the "general" meeting today. Oh, and a few teachers but I'm guessing they were there under duress. Here's the deal. I joked about the "Par-Tay Association" and got in trouble for it. AND THAT'S THE PROBLEM. People think of the PTA as a bunch of humorless bitches with sticks so far up their asses they're choking on 'em. It's a MAJOR image problem. People don't WANT to join the PTA because of the perception. I have some very cool friends who simply don't want to be associated with it. People think of PTA members as "uptight prudes" (actual description). Dude,(and YES, I just said "dude" because I'm about to say something important) I'M ON THE BOARD. Well, at least for the next few months, anyway. The use of either of those adjectives to describe me would likely cause a fit of choking amongst the masses were it ever uttered out loud. I honestly think what the PTA needs to do is start throwing some crazy, no holds barred parties. People will talk about them. There will be stories. People will WANT to hang out with these wild ass women, if only to see what they will do next. Here's a newsflash: FUN PEOPLE ARE ATTRACTIVE TO OTHERS. 'CAUSE FUN IS FUN. Make it fun and they will come out in droves. Trust me on this one. Just because it's about the kids does NOT mean it needs to be a somber affair. The fun people will come out of the woodwork if you give 'em a reason. And guess what? FUN PEOPLE HAVE FRIENDS. PEOPLE WANT TO BE LIKE FUN PEOPLE. DESPERATELY. I'm tellin' ya.......I can turn this whole thing around with one good party. Lemme at 'em.

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