Friday, January 15, 2010

Rock On......

You know, I used to be a card-carrying, flag-flying, march in the streets fan of Friday. It was my favorite day of the week. Not so much anymore. This "husband as rock star" thing is cramping my style almost as much as having to clean my own house. In fact maybe more. For those of you that don't know the backstory, let me fill you in. Dave actually really was a rock star. His band, The Hannibals, was really, really popular back in the day. When I met him he had long hair and wore black t-shirts and dirty jeans and Chuck Taylor's. Oh, and he inexplicably had some sort of filthy bandana tied to his belt loop. Not sure what that was all about and was never really inspired to ask. His band played all over the place........Chicago, down the east coast and even in New York City at CBGB's. Back then it was the mutha-scratchin' bomb. They were cool and I got to be cool by association. I was with the band but even better........girlfriends are definitely a step above groupies. At least that's what I told myself. I got to skip the line 'cause I was on the guest list! I won't lie and I say I didn't love that. It was pretty awesome. "Excuse me, pardon me.....step aside.....". He even occasionally was asked for his autograph, which boggled my mind. He always signed it, "Keep on truckin'......Dave Christie". Huh? That Dave. The only person that didn't think I had the world's coolest boyfriend was my dad. Long-haired musicians dating sorority girl daughters are not exactly a dream combo from the paternal perspective, it seems.

Well, when it seemed as though the band had gone as far as it was going to go, Dave cut his hair, we got married and moved to Colorado as he took a job at a radio station out here, KBCO. His career took a meandering path but eventually landed him in real estate. In case you haven't heard, that's not going all that well lately. Sooooooo, about a year and a half ago, out comes the guitar again. He started doing a "guy with a guitar" thing that has proved pretty popular. He's busy. Really busy. Which is all well and good, but I'm here to tell ya that I don't think it's nearly as cool as I did when we were in our twenties. We have a child. So do all of our friends. For the most part, everybody is married. Married people with kids do not generally go to bars on weekends. So even though I have the world's most wonderful manny (I'll tell you about the Big C in another entry) and can go to most shows, not only does that cut into the meager profits but more importantly, half the time I'm sitting there by myself. After I was approached by "Nick the Ex-Con" who regaled me with tales of his time in the joint and showed me all of his jail-house tattoos (on his chest, no less!) I soured on the whole going to the bar solo thing. So, here we are. It's Friday. Dave is playing not one but TWO shows tonight. One happy hour gig downtown and then a 9pm thing at a bar in my little town. Since it seems that none of my friends are going, I was thinking I would just stay home. Well, that didn't go over very well with my CHILD who it seems would rather hang out with his manny than me. Something about the manny being "way more fun". Hmmph. Friday night and nowhere to go. Boo.

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