Sunday, January 31, 2010

Free Samples

Yesterday I made a comment on Facebook regarding the freakin' snacks that seem to be de rigueur after any youth sporting event. Just because you ran around for 45 minutes to an hour DOES NOT entitle you to a fucking cookie. I can see a drink, sure. But we have an OBESITY PROBLEM in this country. Probably because of shit like that. "Oh, I moved my body.....I must need a damn snack!" No ya don't. It's that kind of thinking that has created a society in which half the population is grossly overweight. Living in Colorado, there is an emphasis on healthy lifestyles and so you don't see a TON of fat people but they're out there. Someone commented that it's really sad to see a person that can barely fit in a booth chowing down on a Big Mac and Super-size fries. I have to wonder if at some point people just give up. I saw some overweight people at Costco yesterday with a cart full of shit and a "Churro" (fried bread w/sugar on it) in each meaty fist and thought, "Well, there you go". Let me back up and say I KNOW there are people out there that are overweight and it's not their fault. I was one of them. In spite of rigorous exercise and a moderate diet, I weighed a LOT more than I deserved to courtesy of my jacked up thyroid. Those three years I spent trying to figure it out were amongst the worst I've had. It sucks. I felt like wearing a sign saying, "This is not my real body". So those that are suffering from a medical condition have my genuine sympathy. I hesitated to even write about this 'cause it hits close to home. But if you're walking around with a bucket of chicken, please don't complain when you have to pay for an extra airplane seat. You need to live with the decisions you've made regarding your health and body and I don't think I deserve to be squeezed out because someone else has made poor choices. Dave and I were talking about our nation's obsession with food and he made the observation that during yesterday's aforementioned Costco venture, people are all over those free samples like flies on shit. And he's right. He himself got pushed out of the way trying to snag a pizza sample and said, "screw it". Dave is a pretty burly guy, so the very fact that he was squeezed out by a mob is telling. These people are like vultures. The combination of "free" and "food" is apparently far too tempting to resist for most. I don't get it. It's obviously something ingrained in the American psyche. Kind of like the whole credit card thing. If you can't afford it, don't buy it or you are going to pay the consequences eventually. But it seems that many of us just can't stop ourselves. It's, "I want this and I want it now, consequences be damned". You want to not be fat and poor? Stop crying about it and put down the Whopper and the nearly maxed-out credit card. Pretty simple. That being said, it's not like I'm perfect. You start putting out tequila samples and I'll take your ass OUT. Get outta my way. But that's an issue for another day. 

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