Sunday, January 3, 2010


Today is a Sunday I actually like. It's the last Lion's game of the season!!!!! Which makes NEXT Sunday and every Sunday after that until September downright tolerable! Unless you have walked in my long suffering shoes, you do not understand the depth of misery that accompanies living in a household with Lion's fans. During the season my emotions run the gamut. I admit I buy into the hope that accompanies the beginning of the season. Hey, we had a promising young QB this year! I'll bite. But as it grinds on (and on), I go from genuine pity for these poor saps (Jack and pity for the Lions themselves) to outright hostility at being continually subjected to this sham. My husband is by all accounts a reasonably bright man. It boggles the mind that year after mind-numbing, soul crushing year he comes back for more. Willingly. Like a freakin' puppy. "Hi Lions!!! I'm here!!!! I'm here!!!!! I love ya!!!!! Do ya love me? Pant, pant, pant!!!!!!" I believe he thinks he's being loyal. Watching this shit cannot possibly be entertaining so that's the only logical explanation. I find it to be more tragic than anything. My opinion is that a true Lions fan would stand up and refuse to participate until they pull their crap together and actually put out a reasonable product. I grew up in Detroit. I was a Lion's fan. Another One Bites the Dust......Billy was somewhat entertaining. They could still be considered an actual football team back then. It ceased to be so many, many Honolulu blue moons ago. Put it this son will be 11 this year. He has never seen a winning Lion's team. ELEVEN. Sadly, that doesn't even scratch the surface. It's called tough love, know that thing about if you love something set it free, blah, blah, blah???? Set. It. Free. And then do some skeet-shooting. I know, I know......from the victory belly-bumping going on upstairs I assume that something good must be going on in the Lions Lair. Guess what? Doesn't matter. Bump on boys. Bump on.


  1. This is the time when your husband needs you the most, the horror is far from over. Right now he needs to be held, coddled, hugged, left alone, and fed warm luving meals. He now has to face facts that as miserable as the Sundays have been, he doesn't don't get to look forward the weekly trouncing. He only gets to look forward to lies.

    Lies? Yes, lies, the lies of Free Agency, the false promises of the draft picks, how well the OTA's are going, training camp boasts and predictions, pre-season bravado, just to stink it up come next September.

  2. I will always very proudly wear my Lions jersey around Colorado. They set that magnificent record last season- and hey- a record is a record! And sometimes making people chuckle at the balls I have flaunting my jersey around proudly just makes me want to wear it all the more!!!! Lions Rock!