Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Man Poms

I just noticed something on my manny's (he's not really a "manny" per se.....he just hangs out with Jack.....the term "manny" just makes me laugh) Facebook wall that caught my eye. He became a fan of, "Columbine Man Poms Should Not Have Been Suspended". Okay, first of all, anybody that could could come up with something called "Man Poms" deserves a goddamn medal in my mind. This world could use a little more Man Pommery. Oh, I looked at the pictures. It's exactly what you're imagining. It's freakin' genius. Hilarious. I loves it. I want my kid to grow up and be a "Man Pommer". Apparently, they did a routine during the Winter Assembly at the school that was pre-approved by the faculty and was (as you can imagine) slightly off color. Now, were this at a game open to the public where little kids were involved, I can see the issue. However this was performed in front of high school students. Someone apparently complained about the content and all of the Man Pom's were suspended for from what I can gather, being funny. This reminds me SO much of my freakin' deal with the PTA. There is a certain segment of the population that needs to LIGHTEN THE HELL UP. Some things are just funny. They are not meant to be taken seriously. And if you must take things far more seriously than they were intended, you and the stick lodged so firmly up your ass can kiss mine. Granted, I was not there and I don't know the whole story. If somebody has the 411 on what actually went down let me know. I mean, were they dropping trou or something? Which actually STILL would have been funny but I admit to having a warped sense of humor. I am also familiar with teenage boys. The good ones can be pretty damn cool. One works for me. The aforementioned manny. I LIKE that he is not a robotic little twat. He has a personality. That's the kind of kid I want around Jack. And his bud, who is also around Jack occasionally, is apparently a Man Pommer. I intend to get the full story and will report back but I'm pretty sure I'm not wrong on this. Some uptight fucktard couldn't handle it and went crying to the principal. Much like the anonymous person who complained to our principal about my blog. Oh, and may I once again point out that this Man Pom thing happened at COLUMBINE. Yes, THAT Columbine. Everybody seems to have miraculously moved on but in my mind, how nice it must be to hear laughter in a place where so much bad happened. Once again, LIGHTEN UP, PEOPLE. Teenaged boys with pom poms? Comedy GOLD, baby. 

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