Monday, January 25, 2010

Ward, I Think You Were a Little Hard on the Beaver Last Night

Okay, so my Mom has been telling me for YEARS that I should write a children's book. "Honey, you're so creative!". Uh......Mom? Do you know me? ME? Your daughter. I'd say the "bad" daughter but you only have one. People hide their children from me. That is when not attempting to cover their ears or eyes! "Oh! It's Mollie! Run along now and play dear. Quickly". So the thought of me writing something even remotely appropriate is diametrically opposed to the forces of my nature. Not much runs through my head that is fit for consumption by minors. Its fitness for mature adults is often at question. Or so I'm told. Seems just fine to me. Which is part of the problem. People without filters should probably not write children's books. Here's why. My unfortunate little trip to the gynecologist last week inspired me to think that I actually could sit down and pen a little series featuring a little character I came up with called, "The Brave Little Beaver". Well, having unleashed this concept upon my friends, the franchise has REALLY expanded and the misadventures of The Brave Little Beaver are quite limitless in possibility.  Amongst the suggestions?

--The Brave Little Beaver and The Close Shave

--The Brave Little Beaver Meets President Clinton (and enjoys a cigar!)

--The Brave Little Beaver Goes Wild and Gets Kicked Out of the Country Club (that one was mine.....hee hee)

And that's just for starters. As my friend APL pointed out, the series could grow with its readers. She suggested that we could market it to trampy junior high and highschool girls. The Beaver would now be "Busy" instead of "Brave". One suggested title?

--The Busy Little Beaver Catches a Crab 

Entertaining AND informative! The Beaver will be performing a public service! Maybe the series will even be endorsed by the Surgeon General! Maybe I'll win a Nobel Peace Prize! Although I'd have to share with APL 'cause that one was her idea. I'm cool with being a co-Nobel Peace Prize winner. Do they have cocktails at the after party? I hope there's no ice sculpture. I have a tendency towards toppling into those at formal affairs.

And as another friend astutely pointed out, there would be no troubles ending either series as both could end with the Beaver being eaten. Poor Beaver. We hardly knew ye. What a way to go.

So, as I've been thinking this through, I've actually come up with some other characters. The only one that's really been thoroughly developed is the Wiley Weasel. He is the Beaver's bestie. Who says girls and boys can't be friends! Not me, THAT'S for sure. The Wiley Weasel is every bit as mischievous as the Little Beaver. Just imagine all of the wacky hijinks! This thing has legs, people, LEGS! I'm going to start making some sketches. Thanks Mom! I told you I'd make something of myself one day!

P.S. Props to FB friend KSS for the hilarious and timely cartoon!

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