Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Yes, I Found Everything Okay

While I cannot STAND surly, abrasive folks whose job requires them to work with the public, I also have a bit of a problem with those who are sickly sweet and overzealously talkative. Particularly in the capacity of a store cashier. I mean, it's all so disingenuous.  I know that you're being so gosh darn nice to me because you're trying to do a good job and be pleasant, but tone it down a few notches please. The typical pleasantries are just fine with me. Weather is fine out there. Did I find everything okay? Yup. At a restaurant, we're generally in a pseudo-relaxed mode and a small amount of banter can be warmly received. But when I'm checking out at a store, I'm usuallly in a bit of a hurry and I want to get in, get out and get on with what's next on my daily agenda. I don't want to have to come up with some idle chit-chat about how my day is going. Hmmmm, let's see......I walked up and down the aisles of your store and found THIS stuff. I'd kinda like to pay for it and get the hell outta here. How lovely that you inquired after my well-being, however what I'm making with the food or where I'm wearing the articles of clothing are really not relevant to this transaction. And yes I WILL enjoy my day as soon as I've escaped your Chatty Cathy clutches. Same goes for department store sales people. I know some people genuinely DO need help finding something. I really, REALLY don't. And I don't want to be hovered over. If I need you, I'll come find you and it would be cool if I don't have to go marching all over the damn store to do so but other than that, I'm a lone-wolf kind of shopper. I guess there's a fine line because obviously some people DO want to socialize while out shopping. Which is where reading people would be a right handy quality! You know, "people skills". When working with the public (which I HATE, by the way) one should be able to deal with a variety of personalities as I'm pretty sure that's what the public is comprised of. My harried, slightly agitated facial expression combined with a series of polite but brief answers should be an indication that I am a person who means business. I'm not a jerk......quite the opposite. I'm just usually a bit overwhelmed by my "to-do" list and am looking forward to having stuff crossed off of it. Thank you and have a nice day. 


  1. Mol's, you are really missing out on good material by NOT engaging in meaningless conversations with these folks. Once they open the door with the old "how are you today", you have free reign of the conversation. On a side note, conversation is the best distraction when I am on a shop lifting spree. Pick these peoples brains. Woman to woman's personal hygiene is always a good topic. I learned from one clerk that shoving a tampon up as far as one can will stop cramping during periods. Betcha never knew that! I find illegal drug conversation always is a good topic for Sam's Club cashiers. Just roll with a bizarre and prying topic.. you'll enjoy it!

  2. Ladies and Gentlemen........Meet my dear friend "Gustoff".