Thursday, January 14, 2010

Sorry, Jack......

Jack (having just walked in the door from school): "MOM! You need to remember to pack my lunch tomorrow."

Me (totally defensive): "WHAT?!?! I packed your lunch myself and put it in your backpack. With snack. And it was a particularly fine lunch!

Jack: "Huh? I'm pretty sure you didn't. When I looked in my lunchbox there was nothing in there but old stuff. If I'm wrong I owe you a big apology."

Me: "Well, you best start working on your speech 'cause I am POSITIVE I packed it. And make it a good one, 'cause you're going to feel mighty bad."

Jack: *Produces lunch box, opens it and reveals spoils of the previous days lunch*

Me: "Errrrrrr........."

Seems that in the mayhem of getting the food together for the PTA meeting, I neglected to feed my own child. Reason #592 to back away slowly.

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