Saturday, January 2, 2010

Fly Dry, M-TH.

It's that time of year when our collective minds turn to our poor, long suffering livers and we seriously consider hanging them out to dry. I know mine will be spending some time on the clothesline. Poor thing. It's such a hard little deserves a vacation. Having some friends over this afternoon so it's not going to happen today. And probably won't happen tomorrow either. BUT it's gonna happen on Monday and will last at least until Thursday. That is unless something really good or really bad happens in which case all bets are off. Or in the instance that I am startled and need something bracing. The fact that I am easily startled is strictly coincidental. Oh look!  A deer! Glug, glug, glug. WHAT?! The PHONE BILL?! Oh noooooo!!!!! Color me startled!!!! Actually, I rather look forward to chillin' out with the drinking. As good as I am at boozing it up, when I set my cap to it I'm also rather good at some seriously convent inspired behavior as well. Errrr.....okay, I will concede that the convent part may be a stretch. The truly scary part is that I'm pretty much exactly the same when I'm not sauced up. Just less tippy and sleepy. And I'm less willing to divulge highly personal information. Oh wait.....scratch that last part. I am for sure less tippy (this is not misspelled. I don't mean "tipsy". I mean "tippy" as in "about to tip over") and prone to falling asleep in incredibly inappropriate places. Hey, worked for Elvis. What's that you say? He wasn't asleep? He was dead? Oh dear.

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