Monday, January 11, 2010

Glass Houses

I live in what is essentially a small town. It's a neighborhood anchored by a country club and many of the residents are members of said club. We all know each other. Or think we do. I really did hear some crazy stories the other night. I actually know what happened in regards to one of them as I was present. Well, while there WAS a heated discussion between two men at a Christmas party I was at (add alcohol, wind 'em up, watch 'em go) there was not a physical altercation. It ended rather amicably. Well, while chatting this past Saturday with some friends, a simple, booze-fueled disagreement had turned into an all out, bare-knuckled brawl, complete with blood and guts. And Flight for Life. I really think that people have a NEED to create the gossip drama. It's like watching reality TV shows or something. Except the stuff on TV is factual as you're a party to what is really going on. It's not third and fourth generation news being mangled as it goes through the rumor mill and exaggerated along the way. That Snookie idiot from The Jersey Shore REALLY DID get punched in a bar fight. Hey, I freely admit that I enjoy a juicy piece of gossip as much as the next guy. It's human nature. She did WHAT????? What bothers me is the judgement that comes along with it. I am trying very hard to give people the benefit of the doubt and stop wielding the judgement stick. What I've learned (as I am clearly very wise and evolved) is that you never, ever know the whole story with somebody. You don't know their motivations or their problems or the damage that's been done along the way. People have to live with themselves, and usually judge themselves far more harshly than others and in most cases could probably use a little empathy rather having stones cast. That's my new policy. With both myself and others. I'm sticking with strictly making fun of people. Far less preachy. I'm not judging your mom jeans, I'm laughing at them. BIG difference.