Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Would You Buy a Snack From This Man?

Okay, so it has recently come to light that my child is operating "Smiling Jack Christie's Mobile Snack Shack" out of the local school bus. He came home with money. I did not give him money. He is ten. He does not need money. Being in possession of a razor sharp intellect, I inquired as to where the cash came from. Jack: "Uhhhhh......." Me: "Spit it out!" Jack: "I sell parts of my lunch on the bus". WHAT????? This is a bit of an issue for me as I take great pride in his stupid lunch. Having years earlier discovered that the school cafeteria serves inedible gack, I determined I could not in good conscious subject him to hot lunch. So I make really, really good lunches. Good sandwiches on good bread, baked chips, an apple, milk or water and a cookie. Sometimes if I'm feeling saucy I'll toss in some yogurt. Before he was of an age that it embarrassed him, I'd even do the little "I LOVE YOU" note. I'm feeling all good about myself for providing my little darling with a lunch straight off of the damn food pyramid only to find out that he's the local snack pusher man. Glad other people's children are enjoying the spoils of my labor. I think I'm going to start shaking Jack down for a cut. Fair is fair. Drug dealers have to pay their supplier. Which in this case would be ME. He's making pure profit. The little scammer. Better not let my dad get ahold of this or he'll be turning this into some huge operation. Supply and demand. Obviously the little shits are hungry on their way home.  Grrrr. 

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