Tuesday, January 5, 2010

No Respect

Keen and observant readers of Deep Thoughts may have picked up on the fact that my husband is a musician. Well, he's a realtor too but given the current environment, he essentially plays music in bars.  A bit of a performing monkey, he is!  Anyway, because I am a nice person (and because I have a dog in this hunt) I send out emails every week detailing his schedule for the upcoming weekend. What is relevant here is not necessarily the email itself but the conversation that occurred immediately after I read it to Dave so he could check it's accuracy.

Hey Guys

Hope that you're well on your way to recovering from the madness that was the Holiday's. I for one am over it. And I am really, really ready for school to start on Wednesday. Why not Monday? Why? Anyway, just wanted to let you know about some upcoming shows Dave has scheduled:

Thursday, January 7th........Roo Bar, Lodo 9pm........this is a new one. Haven't been there so have nothing to report. If you know any urban hipsters out and about on a Thursday night, send 'em over. I will be putting my child to bed around this time as I am clearly not a hipster, urban or otherwise.

Friday, January 8th.........The Trinity Irish Pub in Evergreen......8:30pm. Cool place.  Dave always comes home with interesting stories of wacky bar antics. Like how he got home at 3:30 a.m. because he kindly helped the female bartender close up 'cause he didn't want to leave her by herself.......that Dave......he's a giver! Chivalry is not dead in Evergreen! He assures me she that was a rather homely woman. Possibly maybe even a post-op tranny. Uh-huh. It's truly amazing how many hideous women Dave encounters in my absence!!!!! What a coincidence!

Saturday, January 9th.........RED ROCKS COUNTRY CLUB.......6pm. Welcome Back Par-TAY. Woo-hoo. I'll be at this one and will try really hard to not fall over backwards in my chair. You do that once and you never live it down. You people have memories like elephants. Although I concede that while it was some 5 or six years ago it WAS fairly memorable. Wheeeeeeee!!!!!! If I don't sit down, I can't fall out of a chair, now can I? Hmmm. I don't believe I've ever fallen "down" per se while standing. Fallen down the stairs, yes. But those stairs are a hazard. Anyone could fall down those. And fallen asleep under a table, but I was not standing at the time as I was clearly UNDER A TABLE. So I think if I just stand the whole time I'll be good. Hope to see you RRCC people out! It's early so feel free to bring your kids. I'm bringing mine. He actually knows how to behave himself at a country club.

For those of you on facebook, go to:


and become a "fan" so you'll know all of the latest.  He's getting so busy that I'm having a difficult time keeping up!  

Happy 2010 and THANKS!


Dave (having just essentially snorted): "I guess you must be taking poetic license because you have TOTALLY fallen over while standing up. How do you think you ended up with twigs in your hair when you woke up on New Year's Day last year?"

Me:  "Rolling down a hill does not count as falling down while standing up. No fair counting obvious hazards. I've never fallen down while just STANDING there".

Dave:  "Uhhhhhhh........."

God. Shut it, smart ass. The "accuracy check" was in regards to times and dates of his SHOWS, rather than to accurately document (with time and date stamp!) any minor boozy incident I may have sporadically had along the way. Let he who has not toppled over cast the first stone. Actually, in fairness, I don't believe Dave ever HAS toppled over. I'll bet he wishes he had before he got up and sang at the wedding in Indiana........bwahahahahaaaaaa. And like Forest Gump, that's all I've got to say about that.


  1. I would love to read more about the wedding...sound like fresh material.

  2. yeah, Agree with Mel... I'm sure you drop these little fun references just to whet our appetites...it works! We want the wedding! We want the wedding! :)

  3. You guys......you have NO idea the depth of this well......shall I go back to the beginning? The VERY beginning??????

  4. The wedding in question was not ours. Ours is a WHOLE other story altogether......fancy country club......broken glass, ladies coming in with their dresses on inside out.......