Monday, November 30, 2009

Gee, Thanks!!!!!

Okay, so the little blog that could just went over 4000 page views since I started it a few weeks ago.  This strikes me as kinda nutty.  Although I have nothing to compare it to.  Maybe really kick-ass blogs get like a million page views in their first few weeks.  And the blogger (this is a completely retarded term, by the way) has been offered multiple book deals and is rich and famous and everybody loves he or she and they're on Oprah by now.  Man......imagine if I was on Oprah........I could be parading around on the moon while curing cancer and juggling orphans and my mom wouldn't think that was as great as me being on the Big O's show.  SHE would be the one needing the bag for hyperventilation. Mom: "BILLLLLLLL.......THE GOOBLER IS ON OPRAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!".  Dad: "WHAT???  She stepped on a cobra?" Nevermind, Dad.  But anyway, as was the case a couple thousand page views back, I remain so flattered and grateful for all of the kind words and encouragement.   I'm also somewhat incredulous but happy as a goddamn clam that you are actually reading what I'm throwing out there and that you're passing it along.  It's a little grass roots effort, this thing. Still not sure where it's going but we shall see.  Although nowhere or somewhere are two good bets.  You guys all rock.  Thank you from the bottom of my stony little heart.  Oh, and my long suffering liver is appreciative too while we are giving organs the floor.  It also says, "save me".  Shut up, liver.  You just do what I say.

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