Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sunday's Suck

I really freakin' hate Sunday's.  I have ever since I was a kid.  Back then it was because because they were boring as hell.  They're still boring as hell but back then it was my parent's fault.  They had generally been to a party of some sort the night before and wanted to "sleep in".  This was followed by the always entertaining reading of the paper.  And then, for the capper, the ever exciting "ride".  My mom and dad were big into "the ride".  Often the purpose of the ride was to look at real estate, usually in some far-flung locale.  "Gee, this sure is fun sitting in the back of a Caprice Classic with your brother looking at a bunch of cows as you go from one rural Michigan county to the next in pursuit the next great deal".  So there were those factors.  Also contributing as a kid was the fact that the next day was Monday.  School.

As an adult, there really is no explanation for my ire.  I'm in charge.  There are no rides, no reading of the papers and Monday is really no different than any other day for me as I DON'T HAVE A JOB.  I know I said I did last week but I have decided that jobs are definitely not for me.  I think my 36-hour period of having a job was giving me a rash. I think it's just that it's so flipping BORING.  Sunday's, not jobs although jobs are pretty boring as well.  I'm back in that car with Tim mentally, nose pressed to the glass and wishing I was anyplace else.  Which is no reflection on my brother, who is a pretty cool cat.  I'm sure he felt the same way.  Anyway, Dave watches the Detroit Lions on Sunday's, and I'm obviously not participating in that bullshit.  Jack used to watch with him but has had his soul crushed by the Honolulu Blue and Silver and usually just retreats to his bedroom.  Don't feel too bad for him.......that thing is like a freaking bachelor pad.  We're just waiting for him to get a lock on the door, install a doorbell and a mailbox and then invite us over for dinner.  And to the uninformed, Jack is ten.  So on Sunday, I "get" to plan the week's menu and deal with the subsequent procurement of food.  And I am here to tell you that the grocery store on a Sunday is every housewife's worst nightmare.  We are professionals.  We do not want to trifle with you part-timers.  Get the $%#@ outta my way because I know what I'm doing and I WILL run your ass over with this cart.  And yes, duh, I could do my shopping during the week.  But then I'd have to sit here and feign interest in a football team that has been losing longer than I have been alive.  I also "get" to do whatever laundry didn't get done the week before (which is obviously most of it) and make sure the child is prepared for the week ahead.  It's just a shitty day.  If I was a religious person, I guess I'd see it differently.  As I am not, I don't.  Screw you, Sunday, and the Saturday horse you rode in on.  You suck.

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