Monday, November 9, 2009

Now, Monday's On the Other Hand.......

Monday's kinda rock.  I know, I know......all you suckas with jobs out there probably won't agree with me for obvious reasons.  Like the fact that you have to go to work.  For me, Monday restores order.  It has a routine to it.  I generally know what to expect.  And it's hopeful.  Although last Monday I made the mistake of saying, "Ahhhh.....looks like it's going to be a nice, normal week".  What a freakin' idiot.  My advice?  Don't say that.  Ever.  My nice normal week netted me 2 dead friends, an unwanted job and a mother having emergency surgery in a French hospital.  But back to being hopeful.  On Monday, the shitty things that have driven you to drink have not yet taken place.  There is cause for optimism, even if it's foolish or misplaced.  We all want to think that we're going to have a decent week and Monday is really the only day of the week that can give us that reason to believe that it's all going to be okay.  Because by Tuesday, life has begun its weekly round of bitch slapping us into the ground.  What's that you say?  How could I possibly know anything about life and the real world when I don't even have a JOB?!  Well, I'm here to tell you that this ain't as pretty as it looks.  People expect you to DO things when you don't have a job.  You can't be fat, because there's really no excuse for it as don't have a job!  And you have to be really involved at school don't have a job!  And your house is supposed to be clean and the schedules are supposed to run like clockwork and your offspring are supposed to be brilliant and well-adjusted and you're supposed to be shiny and happy and feel really lucky.....'cause YOU DON'T HAVE JOB.  Sometimes I think it might be easier to just get a damn job.  Although the fact that I don't take direction well, don't like 95% of the people I encounter and am not a team player might prove problematic in that pursuit.  Oh and then there's that job I had last week.  That didn't go all that well considering that I'm now retired.  But I's Monday, people!  Enjoy it while it lasts.

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