Thursday, November 12, 2009


While I'm on my annoying little running commentary on days of the week, I figured I may as well give Thursday a whirl.  When I was in college, Thursday was technically Friday because after my freshman year, I wised up and never had classes on Friday.  And in the rare case that a required class was held on Friday, I refused to go, strictly on principle.  So Thursday was the last day of the school week, and therefore it was wheels the hell up.  Granted, it was pretty much always wheels up for me but this was the official start to the weekend. Since I was in college for nine years, this was a rather habit forming ritual.  I still somewhat consider Thursday to be Friday even though I am aware that it's not.  Jack has school on Friday which means I've got to get up and at 'em.  So it's kind of "Friday Lite".  The possibility of the weekend is starting to come into focus, plans are being's kinda like the day before Christmas Eve, really.  There's hustle and bustle, the tying up of loose ends before the big event (which in this case is of course the weekend), etc.  So I give Thursday a thumbs up.  Thursday, you can stay.  Happy un-official start to the weekend, everybody!

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  1. i seem to recall that thursday nights were always "ladies night", back in the day. that used to be quite the kick start to my weekends! happy thursday to you, too! :)