Thursday, November 19, 2009

Um, I Don't Think That's Food

I just got back from the annual Thanksgiving lunch at my son's school, wherein all of the parents (well those that CARE about their children......and yes, I'm judging....I take issue not with judging but with being judged......) come and eat a "turkey" dinner with the kids.  As I imagine is the case with all kindergarten parents, we got sucked in the first year.  "Oh, turkey dinner!  Isn't that cute!!!"'s not cute and that shit is not turkey.  NEVER AGAIN.  In fact I was so horrified that I began making lunch for Jack daily even though it's a pain in my ass.  The purported turkey looked more like a congealed mass with viscous, puce colored gravy on top of it.  Mashed potatoes looked passable.  Pumpkin pie the same.  It's the "turkey" that got me. Truly terrifying.  Life changing.  We started a tradition of bringing Pei Wei (to the uninformed, it's PF Chang's more casual spin-off) to school on "turkey" dinner day.  So while all of the other suckas are sitting there looking slightly green and queasy, the Familia Christie is happily enjoying a very Asian Thanksgiving lunch.  Chopsticks in hand, we rock the land.  And for that, I am infinitely grateful.

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  1. When I taught k-2, we had sliced turkey lunch meat, cranberry sauce and three bean salad, oh yes, jello.