Sunday, November 15, 2009

Skin to Win

As has been previously established, I really hate Sunday's.  They are made exponentially worse by the fact that when I cannot escape the house due to large snowfall, I am forced to inadvertently at least listen to the Lion's game. They are playing the Vikings today.  The Vikings now have that insufferable Brett Favre.  He seems to be kinda good, which is enough to piss a person off as he is a big, giant baby.  It's not sounding pretty up there.  It's not going to look pretty either when Dave strips off his shirt and kicks it "Skin to Win-style" in an attempt to rally his team.  'Cause you know, they're really dialed in to what Dave Christie of Morrison, Colorado is up to.  I think they have a special line they use to contact Super Fan to find out what his winning tactics for the day will be.  And perhaps this is part of  the problem.  No good can come out of a rather large, shirtless Albanian.  Help.  Please.


  1. Mollie, you are the 21st centure Erma Bombeck!!! We don't have snow, but I'm trapped by the mountain of paperwork!

  2. Why can't I keep track of gadgets? It doesn't matter how hard I try, they still get away! They hate me.