Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Recycling Day

I walk.  A lot.  Largely because I can't run which really pisses me off.  Makes me feel like I should have a fanny pack and hand-weights or something.  But because I am not moving all that fast, I notice stuff.  Recycling day is my favorite walking day of the week.  You learn  a whole lot about your neighbors by checking out what's in their recycling bins.  You know the people with just water bottles and tin cans are not going to cotton too well to me and my ilk.  They would probably run screaming in terror if they accidentally stumbled into a Christie party.    They get put on the "Do Not Invite" list, and it's for their own mental well-being, really.  The one's with a reasonable number of booze bottles, I can respect.  And they're probably already my friends.  The soundtrack in my head as I'm walking goes a little something like this: "boring, damn girl....that's a lot of wine, boring, nice!, boring, party people, boring, not a bad show, oh THAT'S an intervention waiting to happen......oh wait....that's ours".  Dang.


  1. okay, so i think we have a "reasonable" number of alcoholic beverage bottles in our recycling bins....however, that could be the denial speaking. we've been known to have "several" (okay, a shit-load!) of of wine and various hard liquor bottles lining the street NEXT to the bins. i know. show offs, no? and, no....this does NOT follow a party and our children are not "of age".

  2. NICE, Susan!!!!!! You can be on the "invite" list!