Sunday, November 22, 2009

Another One Bites the Dust

Don't think I didn't just have a glass of champagne.  'Cause I did.  The Detroit Lions actually won a football game for the second time since December of '07, if memory serves.  And yes I do realize how pathetic it is that my husband, the man I have willingly (well, kinda) spent the last twenty years of my life with, has been keeping champagne chilled in the hopes that one day, his beloved Lion's would pull one out of their asses.  They didn't just pull one out of their asses but actually managed to do it in somewhat entertaining fashion.  One minute left, an injured Matthew Stafford tosses one had all of the elements actual football game!!!!  Earlier, as I was contemplating my day, I made the mistake of articulating my displeasure at actually having to be a party to a Lions/Browns match-up.  Jack said, "Mom, can't you at least TRY to show some spirit?".  Um.....Nope.  Sorry kid.  Not gonna happen.  As has been established, the Honolulu Blue and Silver actually prevailed, and I was psyched for him. Although born in Colorado, he has been indoctrinated by his father since birth into this long-standing tradition of soul crushing defeat.  When victory was at hand, my child, who has seen the inside of a church....uh....NEVER.....said,"Dear's like the sweet baby Jesus was just born".  So not only did I get to tip a little champagne but my boys were happy.  AND because of Stafford's injury, we are being spared the indignity of the pilgrim suit on Thanksgiving.  Even Miles Standish knows that a Culpepper led Lion's offense is not going to bode well against the Pack and is therefore a waste of a good wearing.  Works for me!  Thank you, Matthew Stafford, for taking one for Team Christie.......the roar might not be yet restored, but the demise of the pilgrim suit is a step in the right direction.

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