Sunday, November 8, 2009

Not Raised in a Barn

Just realized that in fairness to my mother, I should point out after my last post that I was not in fact raised in a barn. My mother is a lady. And I believe she nearly died trying to turn me into one. It just didn't take. By all accounts I should be right proper. I know where the silverware goes and if I wanted to I could behave quite appropriately in social situations. I just don't want to. There is a theory that I am the product of my dad (my paternity has NEVER been called into question......Bill may have in fact invented inappropriate) and a woman known only as "Jungle Janet". How my sweet and saintly mother came to be saddled with me the world may never know. She fought the good fight with me. Word up, mom.

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  1. I really care about you Mollie....Go momma!!!! |\__( o)>