Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Vanity Plates

I'm not a big fan of vanity license plates as a rule.  Unless there is something so freakin' funny that it just has to be put out there in the world by way of the back of your vehicle, I personally don't have much use for them.  The problem is that they seem to appeal to people with very little sense of humor that feel compelled to offer us far too much personal information and/or state the obvious.  "Big Daddy"?  Don't want to know.  "XQUSIT"? Oh, you're a stripper, I see.  Or "SEXXY" on the back of a sports car driven by a young, attractive woman?  Why not just get a bumper sticker that says, "I'm having an affair with a much older married man with lots of money." Although that's not really necessary as we figured that one out all by ourselves!  "D-WIFED" on a red Corvette?  No kiddin'.  Shocker. "MILF-HUNTR"?  And the line forms WHERE, exactly?  Please. Unless I can come up with something like "NOT OJ" on the back of a white Bronco (and this at one point did exist, and I would like to shake the hand of the person that thought of that as I like the cut of his or her jib) or "GLBL WRMR" on the back of one of those gigantic tour bus looking things, I will stick with my good old fashioned  Colorado license plate.  Most things I have to say require more than 7 or 8 letters anyway.  Clearly.

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