Thursday, December 31, 2009

2000 and OUTTA HERE!!!!!!

Happy New Year, everybody!!!!! Seems that with a few exceptions, the general consensus is that 2009 can kiss our collective asses.  Bite us, '09. Hopefully the new decade will usher in some good old fashioned positive energy. That would be good 'cause I'm pretty sick of all of the negative crap. It's like, "Okay, universe......we've all been punched in the gut. Happy now that we've been taken down a few notches? Good. Uncle. We're done".  Lots of crappy shit happened in '09 but if I'm being honest, there was some good too. My 11-year old lab died in my lap in March but in July we took delivery a bouncing baby boy........the incredible sock-eating black lab puppy Grady. He is a horrible menace but every time I look at him I smile because there is such joy about him. Grady rocks. And we've suffered through the horror of my husband being a realtor in this historically bad market but.......oh wait......he's still a realtor and the market still sucks. Nevermind. I've also made some really cool new friends in 2009 that I think are keepers. I'm one of those people that is quite sure she has all the friends she cares to have and then along come people who take you completely by surprise. Some from as far away as Scotland that resulted from a purely random meeting, which causes me to think that nothing is in fact random. Shout out to the Ferguson's!!!! And some were right under my nose the entire time and while I can't believe I haven't known them forever I sure am glad that I know them now and look forward to spending this evening with them and greeting 2010 in good company. Like everything in life, nothing about the past year was all good or all bad and some years are surely better than others. Let's hope 2010 is one of the better ones. Be safe guys, and happiness and prosperity to you and yours. I'll be back with lots more smart-assery next year. Woo-hoooooooo!!!!!!!

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