Tuesday, December 15, 2009


If you've been following along over here at Deep Thoughts, you've probably noticed that I often refer to myself as "Goobie", particularly when descriptions of conversations I've had with my mother come up. I realized that I should probably explain it as it's not one of the more usual nicknames bestowed upon a child. Muffin. Princess. Goobie. But then again my parents are not typical in any regard. Oh, and they're comedians alright. You see, dear readers, it seems that when when I was a baby, I gurgled and made cute little baby noises. Because I WAS A FUCKING BABY. This apparently was a source of great hilarity for Rose and Bill. Thusly, I was deemed "The Goobler". Haha. Hilarious. Fortunately for me, this ran its course over time. I was not subjected to this ridiculous moniker during my formative years. I was just "Mol", which worked for me. Yep, pretty much up until my junior year in college. I had other nicknames.....Mol-Mol, McButter (my maiden name is McKennie....more on that in another post) Mols......they all worked too. Well, my parents at this point had decided that I was getting a little too big for my Ralph Lauren, sorority girl britches and decided to bring back the nickname. It's really difficult to be arrogant when people are calling you "The Goobler". Trust me. I tried. I failed. All the 'rents had to do was utter this name ONCE around my friends and it was all over. "The Goobler" took on a life of it's own. Gee thanks, guys. As nicknames are wont to do, this one morphed into numerous variations......Goobie is very popular. As is Goobs, which I just love. The fact Goobs rhymes with boobs is not helpful either. Das Goobs, coming from my German friends......it goes on and on. Oh, and it's got teeth. It's stuck around for 20 years. I'm a 42-year old woman referred to as such. Is it any wonder I drink? No, no it's not.


  1. I have a gazillion nicknames for all 3 of my boys but Goobie caught my eye as that's one of them for the littlest dude; that & Goober. All 3 kids answer to every nickname I've ever thrown at them without skipping a beat!

  2. you're 42?! why do you look 25!! ffs! TOTAL goober!