Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Stupid Name!

You know, there are times that I really, really regret choosing to use my real name in the title of this blog. I kind of thought I'd be essentially amusing myself and venting and practicing my writing chops. Thanks to stuff like facebook and twitter, there are apparently people all over the world that read my idiotic ramblings. And that is pretty fly. The problem is that by using my real name, I am limited in what I can say. There are people in my life that do some really amusing shit but whom would be easily identified if even they remained nameless or if I bestowed a pseudonym upon. And they don't WANT to be identified. I don't really understand this but I have to respect it. I certainly don't care. Clearly. I'm kind of a social media whore. Then there's Dave, Jack and my parents who really have no choice in the matter. They're A material and they're gonna get mentioned. Skewered really. Sorry guys. Start being "normal" and you will cease to be of interest. Having known these people for 42, 21 and 11 years respectively, I can assure you that this is not going to happen. Ever. I get emails from people all the time saying, "Your life can't be nearly as crazy as it're making this stuff up, right?". Um, nope. It's actually considerably crazier than it sounds. In oh so many ways. Had I called it "Insane Ramblings From One Boozy Broad", I could let it fly and if the shit hit the fan, it wouldn't be MY fan. Well it would, but you know what I'm saying. The reason this even entered my mind is that what I write about in this space is my life and sometimes it's frustrating to not be able to let it all out. Stupid people and their stupid feelings that need to be protected. Grrrr. Wonder if "Deep Thoughts From Mollie X" is available. Hmmmm. Think anybody would be the wiser? Nah. Alrighty.......I'm off. Hopefully some insane shit will go down today that I actually CAN write about. Stay tuned. 

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