Sunday, February 28, 2010

In Closing......

I'm pretty glad that the Olympics are coming to an end today. Just couldn't really get into this one. It started with a death which isn't all that inspirational. And other than hockey (USA! USA!) the winter sports are pretty stupid. Some of those curling dudes were wearing some seriously sweet trou but other than that, I don't really get it. Bobsledding and luge seem to be pretty talentless pursuits, but what do I know? Although I've slid down plenty of things in dramatic fashion, albeit unintentionally. And the two-man thing? Seriously? "'s the're going to lay on your back and then this other dude is going to lay on top of you and we're going to shoot you down a gigantic shot slide". If you want my opinion (and of course you do!), that position is a little familiar for any two people outside of a committed relationship. What if something "comes up"? Adrenaline can be a turn on. "Uh, ya mind?" Figure skating is a yawn and I find the outfits and make-up the men wear to be rather disturbing. If I wanted to go to a drag show I'd do just that. And I don't really want to see the speed-skaters in their "WAY too much information suits". I have just found the whole thing to be somewhat snooze-worthy. Like I said, I'm looking forward to the hockey game today but will not be bothering with the closing ceremonies. And I really could have lived without the knowledge that Celine Dion will not be performing because she is undergoing fertility treatments. (French accent), "My poor Renee......his boys are you say? Swimmers?". Gack. Uh, girl? You married someone old enough to be your GRANDFATHER and are now surprised that he's shooting blanks? You're a smart lady. Anyway, I want my regular programming back on now, please. And, scene.

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