Saturday, February 27, 2010


I just had to laugh at myself because in case you hadn't noticed, I really am a bit of an idiot. I was just getting dressed and happened to notice that gee, I sure could use a pedicure. I'll spare you the details. You're welcome. Anyway, I recalled that Jack had given me a couple of pedi gift certificates for Christmas. Yay, right? Well, yay until I went to look for them. Organization is not my strong suit. Things might look all nice and pretty but be careful when you open any given cupboard 'cause things might fall on your head. Like a bowling ball. Or worse. So when I went to retrieve said certificates in the "junk drawer" (one of several, really), I wasn't all that surprised when I couldn't find them. I tore apart not just one but all of the drawers, my panic escalating as each came up empty, pedi-wise anyway. See, I am the type of person that if something is misplaced, it is GONE FOREVER. This causes particular panic amongst the Holy Trinity of "expensive shit I'd completely freak if I lost" which is comprised of my purse and wallet, which count as one as they are pals, my sunglasses (ridiculously, panic inducingly expensive......and a gift to boot), and my iPhone. I become convinced at least once a month that one or ALL of these have become "lost for good". This is particularly bad after a raucous night out in which the sunglasses, phone and wallet were all IN the purse and the purse is nowhere to be found. I'm surprised I haven't had an aneurysm yet in those few moments between declaring something sucked into the black void of "gone forever" and "Oh, thank's in the back seat of the car". During those moments, Dave is calmly standing by, saying, "I'm sure you'll find always do" and me saying, "NOT THIS TIME......THIS TIME IT'S REALLY GONE!!!!" This is always followed by, "Oh, here it is". Nervous chuckle. Anyway, I found the pedi certificates. They were in my address book. Probably under "P". I try to be's just that most of me does not "get" logical. And therein lies the rub. Dang. 

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