Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Oh For Socks Sake.......

So, Grady quite unceremoniously tossed up not four but FIVE socks that had been marinating for God knows how long in stomach acid. Like it was nothin'. HOW in the ASS was he walking around, eating, drinking, carrying on like a freakin' maniac with that many socks in his digestive tract? Keep in mind some of these socks I know for a FACT went down the hatch a couple of weeks ago. I personally saw them swallowed with my own eyes. WHY? Why with the socks and why with the poop? 'Cause the poop eating thing has continued as well. This in spite of the fact that we have tried not only home-spun remedies but prescription medications from the vet. After round one with the prescribed "special spices" as Dave referred to the food additive that was supposed to make Grady's poop repulsive (um.....oxymoron, you'd think.....not) to him with no results, the vet said that sometimes it takes another round. Okay, I just added the last of the stuff to his food and he's still out there chowing down on shit. And yes, we're removing the poop. You just can't watch him every second and sometimes an errant turd makes it past our watch. That's when I hear banging on the kitchen window and Dave bellowing, "GRADY!!!!!!  OH GOD, HE'S EATING POOP." While I find this to be disturbing indeed, it really, really bothers Dave. He has poop issues, apparently. It's not ALL bad Grady news.......one good thing is that thanks to the advent of the dog park, he has chilled to the point that I am no longer dreaming of shock collars and cattle prods. Don't get me wrong. He's still a menace of epic proportions. He tried to eat a ping pong paddle yesterday. And when I say eat, I don't mean "chew". I mean "consume". Reference socks. And recall that he had a knife the other day. May as well have been running with scissors. I just don't think he's going to need to be tased. So there's that. God.

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  1. Look at the positive side- your not out with a poop bag cleaning up the yard. But that downside of course is when he comes up and gives you a big wet kiss on the face. ewwwwww