Thursday, February 18, 2010

Play Nice, People.

I think I told you guys that one tentacle in my octopus of good works is volunteering at my country club.  Because, really......who is more deserving than a bunch of rich people? THEY HAVE NEEEEEDS!!!!! Our pool used to look like there should be chickens running around it! It was surrounded by a chain link fence! Can you say, "GHETTO"? NOONE should have to live like that. So, along with "Hats for Hobos" ('cause no hobo is going hatless on MY watch) I also donate my time to Pools for Preppies. It's way mo' betta now. Oh and lest you brand me a fancy lady because of all of these country club shenanigans, I'm not. Our club is more of the neighborhood varietal rather than Bushwood. Even so, you get some people that are rather impressed with themselves 'cause they belong to a country club PERIOD. I got a taste of this while working at the pool these past two summers. If you are dirty because you have been planting pots all day and toiling in the sun, you become invisible to a small percentage of the population. The same people that would have regarded me with that, "Hey.....I don't know you but you're one of 'us'" look were I lounging poolside look past you as if you're too insignificant to trifle with. I think this is freakin' hilarious. GET OVER YOURSELVES. You are no better than the people that work here! In fact, your lazy ass might be considerably contemptable. I judge people on merit rather than by social status, the latter of which is a great big pile of bullshit. I'm not going to sit here and claim that I have always felt this way. If I did my brother really WOULD start a blog called, "My Sister is Full of Shit". Word up, by the way, Tim. I was completely OBNOXIOUS when I was in college. To the point where my even my own parents couldn't stand my stuck-up ass. Life, however, has taught me some hard lessons and I have taken heart. I think alot of that crap is simply insecurity. If you lack self-esteem, being in the "right" sorority gives it to you in albeit shallow fashion. And who you hang out with and what kind of car you drive becomes central to your perceived worth. I don't need that shit to feel good about myself at this point in my life. I like people because they're cool or they're funny or they're good-hearted. Or keep a well-stocked bar and like to share. There are some of us out there though that seemingly don't evolve. I was intermittently covered with spackling and wielding a paint brush yesterday at the club. I know, again with the do-goodery. I'm an interior designer and the place needs some sprucing up. Instead of bitching about it, I decided to do something. You know, put your money where your mouth is. Again, REALLY funny........people just walk right past you like you're not there. The same old pervert that would have had his tongue hanging out of his mouth were I dressed for a club function sees me as simply the help. Oh and I'll remember that. Cop a feel and you're getting a drink tossed in your face. Wait....probably not. That would be a waste of a perfectly good cocktail. I'll just look past your ass. Anyway, social experiments such as this teach an excellent lesson. I make a conscious effort to be nice to everybody. Unless they're an asshole. Then I make a conscious effort to out-asshole them. I'm pretty good at it. The bottom line is, treat people kindly, mother scratchers, whether you think they can advance your agenda or not. It's the right thing to do. A little human kindness goes a long way these days. You never know........that paint covered chick might clean up okay. And might have a teensy-weensy little forum. The pen is mightier than the paint brush. Or the keyboard, as the case may be......bwahahahahaaaaaa.

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