Wednesday, February 24, 2010

One is a Magic Number

Okay, I honestly do not know how people with more than one child can manage their lives. And I realize I'm the freak as I'm definitely in the minority. People seem to like them their gaggle of offspring! I always meant to have two but never really got around to it, which has turned out to be somewhat fortuitous. Between the ski trip on Monday, orchestra practice that night, tutoring on Tuesday morning, basketball practice tonight, talent show tryouts on Friday and the freakin' orchestra CONCERT on FRIDAY NIGHT (Are you f'ing kidding me? Has this band dork teacher never heard of HAPPY HOUR???? Pisses me off), I don't know which way is up this week. Then there's the basketball GAME on Saturday. Last one, but then lacrosse fires up on Monday, when practice begins. As you other mamacita's know, it's a merry-go-round that spins 'round and 'round for the duration. As Jack says after a particularly well-timed zinger, "Thank you ladies and gentlemen.....I'll be here 'til college!" Yes you will, my dear. Don't get me wrong. I LOVE Jack and am happy to support his interests. And Dave is really good about driving to most of this stuff. If I had one more child let alone any more than that, I do believe my head would pop right off of my body. I do not know how people do that. And some of them have jobs. Unfathomable. I believe I would be main-lining heroin if my schedule was that frenetic. Chasing the dragon, I believe my dad calls it. He's very street. Actually, he's not. He's locked in a gated golf course community in Arizona, which is probably for the best. But those retirees know the lingo. Word. Anyway, I figure that this is a case of the universe giving you what you can handle, which in this case is exactly one perfectly lovely child. Thank you, universe. You rock. 

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  1. I can relate. I only have James and it is a blessing to me. I always said you should never have more children then you have adults in the house and since there is only me... well do the math.

    Last week I had a booster club meeting for Lacrosse, class, a student parent conference, a booster club meeting for football (yes I am a dumbass), I am meeting with a guy tonight to look at the booster web site (both of them)... sigh.

    I don't miss any of James events but man it gets crazy sometimes. I will bow to the Universe as well... you are right it only throw at you what you can handle.