Friday, February 26, 2010

Never is a Mighty Long Time

Jack: "Mom, can I get a microwave for my room?" Me: "WHAT????" What the hell does a ten-year old need a freakin' MICROWAVE in his room for? Is he going to cook up some Ramen Noodles or something when he needs a midnight snack? And if such things were stocked in our house, couldn't he just walk down the hall and use the microwave in the kitchen? Or in the bar? We have two microwaves. He also said he wants a refrigerator. Same argument. Get off your ass and walk to the kitchen. Jack's room is a shrine to all of the things I swore I would NEVER do. I would NEVER let my child have a TV in his room. And video games? The devil's handmaiden. I would NEVER have such things in my house. May as well just give him a gun and tell him to shoot at bunnies to get him started down the path to deviant and violent behavior. Computer? Why not just send out invitations to perverts willing to exploit my little darling! With directions to our house! Uh, let's just say you should never say never. Jack's room is like a freakin' apartment. A really NICE apartment. One whole wall is floor to (almost) ceiling window. With golf course view. Very important. His grandfather bought him a flat-screen for Christmas. Oh, and the video game thing that in my previous life I held out as akin to child abuse? He's got the Wii but that's in the family room. And YES, we bought him an X-Box 360 for Christmas. And yes, it's in his room. I know. He also has a bathroom and an extremely large walk in closet. This closet is stuffed with fabulous articles of clothing, owing in large part to the fact that he is the only nephew of an enthusiastic and very generous Uncle who concerns himself with such things as fashion. Also in Jack's crib? A gigantic bean bag. Wouldn't want to be uncomfortable while watching the flat screen or playing X-Box. The one thing that isn't in his room is a computer. I fear that this may be a matter of time as we have two computers in our home and three users. That may be next. Oh, and he's got a pretty sweet iPod Touch dock so he can rock out. I honestly don't see him sometimes for hours on end. Can you blame him? I want to hang out in that room. Looks like fun. He's getting the big NEGATORY on the microwave though. Somehow I thought the first time I was invited to dinner at my son's apartment it would be OUTSIDE of my home. He's probably never going to leave. May as well give him an address, doorbell and a mailbox. Maybe a "Welcome" mat. That'd be pretty sweet. Anyway the bottom line is that I am a horrible, awful hypocrite that will be very careful what she says she will "never" do in the future. I will never say never again. Uh.......


  1. Mollie,

    A few years ago James asked me if he could have a game room like his friend Kevin that could have his TV, XBOX 360, Computer, Camera (he has a Canon 10D with telephoto lenses, a place to crash out etc....

    I looked at the room in my house on the main level that is supposed to be an office/den in wide eyed wonder as I surveyed the futon, gaming chair, his MAC, a flat screen TV with an XBOX 360 hooked to it, games, his touch, his stereo and asked him, what the hell is this room if not your man cave??? It is also less then 10 feet from the kitchen so convenient for him to use the microwave.

    I can so relate to your Jack stories.

  2. Ahhh, our boys, Jac! Daily material. Gotta love 'em.