Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Deep Calming Breaths......

I know I bitch alot about other drivers. But there is a reason for it. When it takes you 10 minutes longer than it should to get home from dropping your child off at school because of a jackass behind the wheel of an automobile you become rather chafed. Or at least I do. But I'm admittedly prickly, so maybe it's just me. I knew the minute I got stuck behind this person driving a small Japanese sedan (sedans are often the culprit for some reason) with four people in it, I was going to have problems. The road that you take to enter my 'hood is a two-lane and it's kinda curvy. It's also rather scenic. This causes people not familiar with this stretch of road to slow to approximately 10 miles an hour to oooh and ahhhh and look at all of the pretty colors and wildlife. Those of us that see it twenty times a day still appreciate it but would really like to just get home and get on with it. Anyway, this person did as expected and just meandered along. What made it worse is that for most of the time, she was engaged in conversation with her passengers and not even looking at the road. A car is not a rolling living room people. I half expected her to get up and start passing out canapes or something. It's like, "Excuse me? Am I not back here? While you're engaged in conversation? Trying to get home?". This lady needs to figure out that she's not the flight attendant, she's the PILOT. The person in charge of moving that vehicle from point A to point B. I really, really try to not fall victim to road rage but sometimes people make it hard. I admit that as I finally was able to get around the hostess with the mostest, I threw my hands up in the air as if to say, "Seriously?" So that's how I started my day. I'm now going to take Jack's advice and try to find my center. 

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