Thursday, April 29, 2010

Meniscus Tears

I think most of you guys are in the know regarding my seriously f'd up knee. Probably because I won't shut up about it. Nothin' better than hoppin' onto my blog only to hear about the trials and tribulations of my meniscus tear. Scintillating stuff, I'm sure. Really breaks up the monotony. What's that? It really doesn't? Well, unfortunately that's what's on my mind at present. It kinda hurts. Well, in today's episode of Hopalong Christie Seeks Medical Attention, Hopalong gets a phone call! You see, gentle readers, I had an MRI yesterday. This was rather significant in that not only was it a step towards getting this thing taken care of once and for all, I also sat quietly in a room by myself with no iPhone or reading material. People were placing bets against my ability to do this. I actually was fine and was complimented on my ability to stay still. So HA! The tech said, "Okay, I see you've got an appointment next week......the results should be back in plenty of time". So, imagine my surprise when I get a phone call first thing this morning saying that the doctor has seen my MRI and wants me in TODAY. Uhhhh......I'm not running for rocket scientist any time soon but I'm pretty sure that's not good. I'm kind of having a mini panic attack as I'm thinking that I've either A) got a very bad case of knee cancer or B) My knee is considerably more messed up than initially anticipated. Not that the knee cancer wouldn't be messy as well. I don't think that doctors haul you in this quickly if it's an "ice and advil" situation. I have a pretty high tolerance for pain and as has been established am not very smart so I have continued with my somewhat rigorous exercise program in spite of the pretty obvious nature of my injury. So I'm guessing what they found in there was not good. I can just see the doctor looking at the image....."HOLY SHIT!!!! THIS WOMAN DESERVES SOME SORT OF GREAT BIG AWARD AS SURELY THERE HAS NEVER, IN THE HISTORY OF PAIN, BEEN A PERSON BRAVE AND STOIC ENOUGH TO HANDLE THIS SORT OF EGREGIOUS INJURY AND SOLDIER ON". He probably had a single tear rolling down his cheek as he gazed at the train wreck that is my left knee. I'm a little surprised they didn't just send an ambulance. Or a fire truck. A fire truck would be good. I like firemen. Do I get to get thrown over a fireman's shoulder if I can't walk? I hope so. So anyway, you guys get to look forward to more Deep Thoughts about my knee later today. Isn't it fun!?! I know I'm enjoying it. 

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