Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Gay Camp


Ummmmm.........YOU DON'T TURN GAY. YOU ARE BORN THAT WAY. NO AMOUNT OF GOD OR CAMPS OR HEALING TOUCH THERAPY WILL MAKE YOU AN "EX-GAY". This bullshit incenses me. And nope, I'm not gay. I just love some people that happen to have been born that way. If you know a gay person, you know that it's not something that is a choice. It just is. My eyes are blue and I like men and am a prickly bitch prone to throwing hisssy fits and drinking a little.  It's how I was put together when my parents genes collided. Gay people are just that......people. Their lives are shockingly similar to those in the so-called mainstream. They have partners and children and houses and jobs. Being gay is not something that you fix. That implies that something is wrong. There is nothing wrong with being gay. It may not be how you view the world but that's the deal. We all view things from our own unique perspective based on a variety of internal and external stimuli. Some you have control over, some you don't. And you can't change genetics. I would LOVE it if there was some camp that could rearrange my genetic makeup so that I wouldn't have a propensity to turn to fat at the drop of a freakin' hat. That would be awesome. The assertion that attending some intensive workshop/camp bullshit can change who you are is like saying that I could just as easily go to camp and have my DNA rearranged. As has been established, that's an empty set. Not going to happen. You may be able to brainwash somebody into thinking that they have sinned and must change or burn in eternal damnation. You can even tell them that they are "cured" but if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck it's a duck. And if you put it in a bear suit (like Mohammed a la South Park!) it's still a duck, no matter how hard it prays to not be a duck. I honestly think that many on the Christian right spend a lot of time pointing fingers at the supposed sins of others so that they don't have to take a look in the mirror at themselves. I am not religious in the traditional sense but if you are, isn't your belief that God created everything? And that God is perfect and doesn't make mistakes? Well then, fucktard, why try to change what God has made? I wouldn't change a hair on the head of the gay friends I am lucky enough to have in my life. Well, there was that time when Brainer decided he was going to color his own hair. That didn't go well. I'd change that. It's kinda like this whole Boobquake thing. So this Muslim cleric thinks that women are the root of all evil. Well, personally, I do not. I think we quite rock. But boyfriend is entitled to his opinion and if he would like to not look at boobs, he should refrain from doing so and whack off while dreaming of boobs behind closed doors. Extremism of all kinds is just plain fucking obnoxious. Believe all of the crazy shit you want. Just don't push your opinions on me. My philosophy is one of acceptance and love. Unless of course you piss me off. So please leave me and my main gays alone. You're going to have to go through me to get to them.  And they're not going to "camp". Everybody knows gays don't camp! You may have better luck if you try to trick them into attending a White Party in Palm Springs. "Camp". As if. Now back off, closeted self-haters! 'Cause you're the ones that protest the loudest! Please recall the anti-gay Colorado Springs minister! I believe he  turned out to be, oh.....um.....gay? So shove off, haters. Physician heal thyself and all that. 


  1. I agree, 100%! Don't back down, tell the world and all these idiots who preach all day and all night on thousands of religious radio stations about the terrible sin of homosexuality, while they ignor all the rest of the rules!

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