Saturday, May 1, 2010

Anesthesia it is!!!!! A week from Monday!!!!! Fortunately it's just arthroscopic and should not be a huge deal. Doctor has a Princeton/Duke education so I'm thinkin' it's going to work out.  He probably knows what he's doing. I'm not really sure why he thought a breast exam was necessary but he's a LOT smarter than I am. So, Deep Thoughts readers, we have a little surgical adventure to gear up for! I'm not that concerned about the surgery itself.  I just sincerely hope I don't say anything stupid when they give me the rather relaxing valium. I think a couple of surgeries ago I may have propositioned the anesthesiologist who was pretty freakin' hot. The next time I saw him I was three weeks overdue with Jack and about to have a c-section. I think he said something like, "Oh's you again" and rolled his eyes. Were I able to crawl into a hole I would have. However as I do believe I weighed around 200 lbs at the time and was not moving to quickly, a hole was not an option. Anyway, that's the latest on the knee front. I've got other stuff for ya though.......when I return from Jack's lacrosse game, I shall regale you with the tales of Grady's misadventures. Let's just say it's a miracle the little shit is still alive. Stay tuned. 

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