Wednesday, April 28, 2010

New Picture

I was recently talking to my dad, who strangely is one of the biggest "Deep Thoughts" fans going. You would think that most fathers would not want to keep up on the antics of their daughter who drinks and swears and causes all sorts of trouble and is pretty much a menace.....nee, nuisance, to the polite society she was raised to be a part of. Well, most fathers are not my dad. He's a bit of a character himself and actually likes my blog in spite of the fact that it may call into question his parenting skills or lack thereof. I wasn't raised by wolves per se.........just something kinda like wolves. In parent clothing. Hey, my brother and I are productive members of society. Well, brother is a productive member of society. Fifty percent isn't bad, right? And at least I don't live at home. Yet. And I'm a pretty good mom in spite of the all too human aspects of my nature. My parents successfully shepherded me through my 18th birthday wherein I was off to nine magical years of matriculation at Michigan State University. I don't remember most of those years. And I surely don't remember anything I learned. Largely because I'm pretty sure you had to go to class to pick up anything relevant. But I did manage to graduate. Twice! So really, my parents did a fine job. Just look at me! Oh can't. And that was the point of this post. My dad is concerned about the profile picture of me with the bag on my head. Dad: "People are going to think there's something wrong with you". Me: "Duh, there IS something wrong with me....." Dad: "Yes, but not with the way you look. You're a pretty girl and you've got a bag on your head!" I would like to point out that not only do I have a bag on my head but a very nice pair of sunglasses. But okay. FINE. I'll change the picture. But I'm not doing any freakin' glamour shot or anything. "Come hither and read my blog". I don't think so. That's why I like the bag on head pic. I think it's funny. Kinda like the "Unknown Blogger" or something. Except for the fact that I used my real name in the blog title. That blows the "unknown" thing. Dang. Alright.......a new picture it is.  But I really liked the bag. I'm just sayin'. 

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