Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Oops Redux

Okay, here's the school bus thing. I drive Jack to school in the morning because the fucking bus comes at like 8 am. If I drive him to school, we don't have to leave the house 'til 8:40. I would much rather suck it up and drive him than run around in a mutha scratching panic trying to get him out the door by 8. So the other day, we're stuck at the light that goes up to the school right behind the bus. The little shits in the back of the bus are making faces and waving and acting like complete fucktards. Since junior was shotgun, I felt it best not to comment but it kind of chafed me. And yes, I am that immature. No argument there. Anyway, I had a somewhat challenging Monday and was racing back from my travels to get to the bus stop in the afternoon. 'Cause he DOES ride the bus home. I pick him up from the stop 'cause Lord knows you wouldn't want the boy to get any exercise. As I round the traffic circle, I find myself behind the bus. The bus stops three times! Flashing lights and all! Oh joy! Wacky elementary school antics ensue. "Haaaaa.....I'm making faces at the lady behind us......hilarious". At one point, I seriously considered flipping one of the little miscreants the bird but because it was my own child's bus, thought better of it. "Jack, your mom is flipping people off again......". Blah, blah, blah. Whatever. Anyway, I resisted all temptation and mustered every bit of self-control I possess (which admittedly is not much) and kept the bird in its nest. Tweet freakin' tweet. When I arrived at the bus stop I put on my cheerful mommie smile, ready to inquire as to how my little darling's day had gone. He had kind of a funny look on his face as he approached the car. Me: "Whassup?" Jack: "Mom, I was sitting in the back of the bus and I was waving and waving at you and you had a really mean look on your face. Are you mad at me?" Uh......I almost flipped my own kid off. Oops. 

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