Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I'm BACK!!!!!!

Yowza. Sorry for the protracted absence from my post(ings). I was thinking that I'd be posting as usual whilst on vacation but I found out that is a lot like thinking you are going to exercise every day whilst on vacation. Great in theory, not so much in practice. The poolside lounge chair beckoned. As did the three books I devoured on said lounge chair. It was just infinitely more attractive than sitting inside at the computer. Laptop alert. There's something about the desert that is very peaceful. I thought my parents were freakin' nuts when they announced they were moving to Arizona some ten years ago. Being from Michigan, we always went to Florida for warm weather vacations. I figured the "valley of the sun" was nothin' but a bunch of sand and snakes. And there are a shit load of snakes. And mountain lions. But we have snakes and mountain lions here so it's not that alarming. What we don't have are giant, hairy pig-like creatures called Javalinas. Now there's something you don't see walking around everyday. At least not in Colorado. Strange creatures aside, the landscape is actually strangely lush, particularly in the spring. Many of the cacti are flowering and it's a lot greener that you'd imagine. A softer green that the vibrant hues of summer in the upper midwest but beautiful in it's own right. It was a very relaxing trip and I'd like to thank my parents who are pretty damn fun for old people and who always provide me with a "soft place to land". So big ups to Bill and Rose and to everybody who wrote and expressed their concern for my well being and actually missed my ramblings. That made me feel all good and shit. I'm back, mutha scratchers. And I'm feeling somewhat human again so look out. Other than the story I DID report from Arizona regarding my walk of shame after being turned away from the velvet rope, nothing too crazy transpired. The only good tale I have to tell involves a cowboy, a horse and my mother.  That is forthcoming. Stay tuned. Gotta run the kiddo to school.  I'm back in another kinda saddle. 

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