Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I'm Talking To YOU!


Hey......tap, tap, tap.......yup, that's me, Mollie Christie, coming at you from the other side of your computer screen.  Wine glass in hand, I rock the land! Pay attention, you! There are a bunch of new people out there.  I love new people.  I love old people.  I love people in general. 'Specially people that read my blog!  So if you are new and have landed here from www.blaghag.com or www.altnet.com and you like what you see, bookmark this page! As advertised, you cannot make this shit up. I promise I will do my best to outrage the PTA, the Muslims and the Christian right simply so I can serve to entertain you. And tell all your friends! Momma needs more cheap wine! 

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