Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Um, Yes? I Think?

Today's contribution to pre-vacation beautification is the pedicure.  Very important as my skanky-ass feet have been in tennies all winter long. And have walked countless miles. Actually my feet aren't all that skanky. They're kinda cute as far as feet go. They just really need some attention before I'm walking around in flippity-floppities. So, to that end, after Pilates I am off to "Natural Nails". I was dragged to this place kicking and screaming by my friend who goes there because they do a good job and it's cheap. Call me crazy but I have an aversion to going places where I don't speak the language. Communication is somewhat key to me. These ladies are all from Korea. Really nice gals from what I can tell but who really knows? They could be railing on my feet the entire time. They sure do like to talk to each other. And they laugh a lot. Probably at my feet. No fair. I can keep up if I'm speaking the same language and sometimes when I'm not, depending on the level of inebriation of one or both parties. So anyway, I'm off........I may end up with a full set of acrylics on my toes with rhinestone flower insets but at least they'll be manicured.  

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